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In Year 2 we have class and individual reading activities. We use different strategies to read new or tricky words, such as:

  • phonics - sounding out each sound or 'special friends' in a word and blending them together;
  • 'chunking' - chunk/split the word into 'chinks'/syllables, then sound out and blend each 'chunk' and last blend/read all the 'chunks' together;
  • using our knowledge of CEW, reading them by sight/memory



Reading comprehension is the ability to read a text and understand its meaning, the ability to answer questions about it using the text to explain answers. 

In Year 2 we are using the Canine Gang who help us to answer different type of question, based on what you have read.


Meet the Canine Gang



Here you will find activities and stories to help you improve your reading skills.
Here are the questions examples to help develop the reading skills that each Canine Gang dog represent.

How to use 'The canine Gang' type questions when reading at home

'Canine Gang' and Lost and Found

We are reading the Lost and Found story by Oliver Jeffers.

Oliver Jeffers reads 'Lost and Found'

Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Oliver JeffersPlease see the Read Along Version here: like us on Facebook for updates: ht...




We loved Rainbow Fish story - not just to listen, but also to learn new vocabulary.

We have been reading the story about the Rainbow Fish and talked about what makes a good friend. Just like the Rainbow Fish found, we think that good friends share and care about each other.

What do you think makes a good friend?

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

The Rainbow Fish is written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish w...

Have a go at these comprehension activities about the Great Fire of London, some of which have our Canine Gang friends questions.
Websites and links to support the improvement of reading skills and enjoyment of reading.



Here's a comprehension activity that has another diary.




Websites and links