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21st July


The Olympic Games start on Friday. I would like you to come up with your own mini triathlon (have a guess how many events that is).


Choose 3 mini activities to do, it might be throwing, jumping, running, gymnastics of some kind. It’s entirely up to you :) Share your mini triathlons and see if you and your friends(family members) can beat your scores. Enjoy! 

Hello all,


Last week of school and most are isolating.. not ideal!


I'm going to set a little challenge for you guys, linked to the Olympic games which starts soon. 




This game requires 3-6 balls (1 needs to be a different colour). Socks can be used if you dont have any balls in your house.


You need to roll out the first ball (the ball which is a different colour) and then have a look where it stops. You then need to roll out the other balls and see how close you can get to that other ball. An under arm throw will be the best option.. can you add back spin for an extra challenge? 


Give it ago! This is an event in the Paralympics so maybe have a go sat down too and put yourselves in those athletes shoes.


Year 6 working hard on the Jerusalema Dance. Just a sneaky preview before the ‘big one!’ 


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Hello! Last week of home schooling and then we’ll all be doing PE together! πŸ’ͺ🏻 

This challenge has a Basketball theme as that’s the sport we’re learning this term. Give it ago :) 


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Nearly half term!! This one will finish the term off nicely. 

The Cupid shuffle! All you need to do is follow the instructions on the video and see if you can complete the Cupid shuffle in time with the music. Ideally, it needs to be done throughout the whole song but if you can just nail the chorus and send in your efforts, that’ll be great!! This challenge will test your rhythm and core strength. 

Have a fab break, you all deserve it :) 


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‘Everybody dance...’  

A great song to do some exercise to! Why not join in :) 


List of exercises involved 

- Jumping jacks 

- Jog on spot/high knees 

- Straight jabs 

- Jump ropes (pretend your using a skipping rope basically) 

- Swapping front foot with back foot 




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Here’s another routine which is done using music! Give it ago, get your parents/ carers  involved. They will all know the song too! 


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Hello!! Almost weekend :) 


Heres a challenge for next week.. it’s the baby shark push up challenge!! 

Watch the video and try and get as far as you can through the song without giving up. If you want to just do 2 push ups per verse, that’s fine :) 

Not going to lie, my arms were giving way toward the end having doing the video twice due to making a mistake in the last verse πŸ˜‚


Good luck! 


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Happy Friday guys!! 

Last challenge of the week. These can be attempted whenever you like, don’t feel like you need to do them all this week :) 


For this you just need a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half (I folded it length ways, you can do it width as you are a smaller than me) 


Balancing on one leg can you bend down and pick the paper up with your lips. Make sure there is space in front of you because there’s a chance you’ll fall.. like I did! 

Example above.. good luck! Have a great weekend. 



Tameside School Sport Competition at home


Have a go at completing these sport bingo cards at home and send them off using the details at the bottom of each picture, you need to do this for a chance to win some medals!  :) 


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... again.. it’s challenge time! 

For this one, you’ll need a bat of some kind. I’ve used a frying pan which has a handle so anything like that will do :) 


Ask someone in your house hold to feed 5 balls to you (underarm and the balls can be rolled up socks). 

You need to try and hit the ‘balls’ into a basket (target area) using good a striking technique 1) good base 2) eyes on the ball 3) good foot movement. I have posted an example above.. Good luck! ps: I’ve just been on a run hence the wet rat look πŸ˜‚

As you are aware, in 'normal' times we have dance coaches coming into school. They have kindly sent us a login for their website which will allow children to access dance videos and a range of fitness activities linked to dance. This is another great way to get/keep fit! All you need to do is visit the website below and use the login details provided.




Username- Pinfold.hyd 

Password- USC.PIN21


If you go to this website and click on membership > my account > login. 




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It’s challenge time again!! 

How many socks can you get on one foot whilst balancing on the other leg!? 

The challenge stops when you lose balance, how many can you get on! 

here’s a little example.. even had the ‘This Morning’ theme tune in the back ground πŸ˜‚


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Good afternoon! 


Its Monday 18th and I'm in school this week with some Year 4's. We have been learning to play hockey this afternoon, using the 'bridge' technique to change direction. I also asked the children to set a PE challenge for you guys at home. The videos of the challenge will be posted shortly, along with some very clear instructions. Good luck!

Good morning! Hope you are all well. Yesterday I came up with a ‘PE adventure walk.” 

This is something you can complete when going for a walk with your parents or carers. It’s a great excuse to get out of the house (away from that pen and paper!) 


Post pics on the PE Facebook post as I would love to see you in action. Enjoy and stay safe :) 

  1. Find a stick and complete a speed bounce exercise 20 times (2 feet together, sideways jumping over the obstacle as quick as you can)
  2. Find a tree that has branch you can reach by jumping. Can you jump up and touch the branch using your arms to help. (10x) 
  3. Can you find 4 stones (3 bigger ones and 1 smaller one) You need to roll the small one out and then try and get the bigger ones as close to that one as you can! 
  4. Can you find a hill and complete a hill sprint? Sprint up the hill as fast as you can! Great for fitness. 
  5. Can you find a step and complete as many step ups (up and down the step) as you can in 1 minute! 
  6. Find somewhere to hold a balance for 10 seconds. Try and find a cool place, somewhere with a great view or somewhere off the ground? You can use parents or siblings to complete a partner balance too.
  7. Let’s get creative! Can you collect some sticks and make your own set of running ladders on the floor and then have a go and completing some agility exercises we have done in PE... hopscotch? 2 jumps forward 2 back? 2 feet in each? 
  8. Can you jump over a puddle using the following techniques. a) standing jump (2 feet to 2 feet) b) jump over it on one foot, landing on two feet (triple jump technique) c) one foot to one foot (one big hop) d) a leap (jump from 1 foot and then land on the other foot) 
  9. Using your feet, can you dribble a stone for 3-5 minutes of your walk, keeping it under control? 
  10. Well done!!  You have completed the ‘PE adventure walk.’ You can now enjoy the rest of your walk. πŸ’ͺ🏻

So this morning I’ve started my virtual climb of mount snowdon. I’ve been talking to Mr Whyte and we think it should be just the stairs you actually climb that count (so going down doesn’t count as a flight) 


I am currently on 240 flights.. I need to double this which will be done this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Will keep you all updated. 

I look forward to seeing your efforts! :) 

The virtual climb! This challenge can be done over a morning, throughout a day and even throughout a week. It’s something which would bring a great sense of achievement. 

It has been calculated how many steps (flights) you would have to walk to conquer each mountain that is on the sheet attached to this post. 

12 steps/stairs = 1 flight. 

I will be taking part in this challenge as well so if I wanted to walk up snowdonia (virtually) I would need to walk up and down my staircase just over 200 times as I have 12 steps on my stairs. 

Please take part and again, share your progress on the Facebook page! Let’s keep active this lockdown πŸ’₯

This is a great way to make sure you’re keeping active each day. Exercise releases endorphins and therefore makes you feel great mentally and physically, resulting in a positive mindset.. in other words.. it’s keeps you happy! Which is key through out this lockdown. I’ll be doing something similar. 

Stay active and stay happy guys πŸ’₯




Hello! Here we go again... 


Remember to stay active and look after yourself. Whether it’s doing little challenges, reading a book/magazine or going for a run/ walk.. just keep your mind busy :) ... and some class school work! 


I’ve set a couple of challenges for you.. please have a go and let us know on the Facebook page how you get on! 



Still image for this video

For this next challenge you need...


- a washing basket 

- 3 pieces of clothing (hat, socks, underpants..) 

- yourself


You will need to place your washing basket 2 strides away from you and then choose 3 pieces of clothing to use for the challenge. All you have to do is flick the items of clothing (with your foot) into the basket.. do not cheat! Make sure it’s 2 strides away and you use your foot. For each item you get into the basket, you score a point. Here’s a little example below... 


Still image for this video

Sunday 12th July


Hello Guys! This is one for the football fans.. can you name all the premier league managers below? They look at a little bit different from they’re normal Saturday afternoon appearances... Post your answers on your class Facebook page and I will see how well you do! 

Good luck! 

24th June


"5 Star Foot-Golf"


This week is National Sports Week! The annual National School Sport Week campaign takes place in the last week of June every year to celebrate the important role of Physical Education and school sport in enhancing young people's wellbeing.


What a lovely day for it! Today I set up a 'Foot-Golf' course on the top field so different bubbles in school could go up and complete the course. Two bubbles took part today and did amazingly well! A few teachers got involved too which is always great to see. I can not stress the importance of Physical Acivity. Keep active. Stay healthy. Mentally and Physically. 


See you all soon!! 

29th May 


Planning activity


Next month should have seen our schools sports day take place..


For this months challenge I would like to see if you can plan your own sports day...


Can you plan 8 activities to rotate round? 

Can you come up with different activities we haven’t seen before? 

Can you make them age appropriate? 

Can you add a teacher/parent race? 


It would be great if you could do this on a big sheet of paper, using colourful pictures and labels. Post your plans on Facebook and I look forward to seeing them and maybe even using your ideas! 


Take care and see you all soon! 

New challenge! Don’t know what date/day it is πŸ˜‚


Hope you’re all doing well and keeping busy as much as you can but most importantly.. being positive/happy! :) 


For this challenge you need a mug and a tea bag, you get 3 chances at getting the tea bag in the mug.. 


Its up to you what technique you use, I went for the ‘James Wade’ technique! (Darts player)

You should stand as far away from the cup/mug as you feel comfortable.. but don’t make it too easy.. or hard for that matter! 

Post your attempts on class pages on Facebook and I look forward to seeing you all again! :) 






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New challenge! 11th May 


Hello! One step closer to seeing you all again :) 


This challenge is based on hand-eye coordination.. all you need is a penny, bottle top.. something small and round ideally! 

Just balance the object on your elbow and snap your hand down to catch the object as it falls from your elbow!


Here’s a demonstration below... Good luck and post your videos :) 


Still image for this video

New challenge - 5th May! 

Hello everyone! It’s time for a new challenge, hope some of you tried the dizzy penalty so you can look silly too.. as well as me! 

This new challenge involves the plank.. and I know the Year 6’s love a good plank! 

All you need to do is apply a few layers to your top half (numerous T-shirt’s) and try and remove them one by one whilst holding the plank.. like below. Good luck! Post your vids! :) 


Still image for this video

Thursday 30th April 


So today I was in school and it was great to see some of the children and spend time with them! We had a lot of activities going on, keeping us all busy, keeping fit! We played Badminton, a PE version of Air Hockey, volleyball and made use of the weather by getting out the tennis nets and bikes :) 


We finished the day off with a PE challenge... Dizzy Penalties.. I’m posting the video of my attempt below.. if you would like to try this at hole feel free to do so.. but you will need plenty of space and a soft landing! πŸ˜‚




Still image for this video

Monday 26th April 


Hello! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and made the most of the sun before it disappears! 

This weeks challenge involves a pair of socks and yourself.


Give the video a watch and remember.. don’t let the socks fall off until the end.. and try and catch them! 

Good luck! :) 



Still image for this video

Monday 20th April 


Hiya guys! Hope you’re all well :)


I’ve come up with a game that links maths with PE. Have you ever played twister!? 

Well I thought you could design your own floor mat but instead of coloured spots you can use numbers. For EYFS up to 20 and other ages however high you want to go.. test yourself... 


Your parents/siblings/carers will start by giving you a sum, what ever the answer is you have to pop one of your body parts on that number.. (this can be chosen by the person reading out the sums.) If you are in EYFS this could just be done by calling out a number and the child has to recognise where that number is and put their body part on it :) Remember, you must keep all body parts on the previous answers... don’t fall!! 


This then carries on until all body parts have been used (head, hands, knees, feet etc) 


Can you answer the sums correctly? Can you hold your balance? & can you try it out on your parents!? Get them improving flexibility πŸ˜‚


This can be done with chalk outside, paper in doors(writing a number on each piece.) 


Be creative.. have fun... with abit if learning involved πŸ‘πŸ»

Wednesday 15th April


Hello! Hope you’re making the most of the sun the best you can! Whether it’s a daily walk or time spent in the garden. I’ve been on a few runs and enjoyed sitting outside catching the rays :) 


Have any of you tried the Easter Catching Challenge? If so I’d love to see your attempts by posting them on the school Facebook page. 

For the next challenge/task, i thought you could have a go at designing your own ‘Sports kit’ that you would love to wear when representing Pinfold in competitions. This can be done on a A4 sheet of paper, on your pavement with different colour chalk.. however you want to! I’ll look forward to seeing your designs :) I know we have some creative minds at Pinfold! 



Still image for this video

Tuesday 7th April 


On the last day of school, a couple of girls in Reception Frankie and Romy were telling me about the different dances which people are doing online. So I thought I’d have a go!! 

Dancing is a great way to keep fit and also use your creative skills. Using music and dance helps with your rhythm and timing. Why don’t you have a go creating your own dance and share them with us? I look forward to it to seeing them! 

My dance video is above :) 


Thursday 9th April 

Hiya Guys! 

Hope you’re all keeping active and looking after yourselves. 

I’ve posted a little Easter Challenge for you.. let’s see who can ‘smash’ it (not literally!) 


PS..Don’t make a mess as your parents/carers won’t be happy with me haha! (Do it outside) 


Good luck :) Keep safe :) Miss you all :) 

Easter Challenge

Still image for this video