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The Great Fire of London

Our History topic this term is - The Great Fire of London.


Below are some fun activities, songs and website links about this event. Have fun being historians.

Great Fire of London: September 1666 - Children's song with words by Al Start

This song tells the story of the Great Fire of London. Go Kid Music teaching resources for primary schools. September 1666 by Al Start split screen format fo...

September 1666

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How Did The Great Fire of London Start? | The Great Fire: London Burns | Channel 5 #History

The great fire of London started in 1666 at 1am on 2 September in Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane. Watch this documentary to see how the fire origin...

London's Burning Lyric Video

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As part of this topic, we learn UK and compare London now to London in the past.

UK Geography/ UK Country

Please watch: "Types of Clouds" --~-- Download the Kids Learning Tube App here for an ad-free viewing experience:...