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Growth Mindset

In school we try to encourage children to have a growth mindset.  This means that they believe that with hard work and effort they will be able to learn anything and achieve anything.  


Here are some ideas and links to help develop growth mindset in your home learning sessions at home. 


First it is about understanding how the brain works.  Here are a couple of clips and links which will allow you to explore this.


How the brain works

Growth Mindset Animation

You can learn anything

It might be useful to think of an image that will support your understanding of learning.  Some people say it is like a pit like this:


Some people see it as a tornado as they go into the tornado it is tricky and lots of activity needs to occur before you get to the calm bit in the middle which is when the work becomes easy again.    This is an ongoing process because you have to go out the other side.


What is your image that helps you see what learning is?

Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is an important part of learning.

Many people find it difficult when they make mistakes as they feel they have failed.

However, this is not the case.  

Here are some famous failures - see if you can find out more about them.


Here are some activities to help you understand that failure and mistakes are part of learning.


1)  Try drawing a picture with a stubby crayon - you are never going to get it perfect!

2)  Tape your pencil to a long stick and write with it.  Again your ideas might be great but the  task will be tricky and difficult and not look perfect.

3) Create an art hospital.  Place a blob or mark on a piece of paper then use that blotch to make a work of art.


Read the texts:

Beautiful oops by Barney Saltzberg



You can find these books on youtube or amazon

This lesson is available as a PDF to print off.

Power of Yet

For a three letter word, yet is very powerful. 

See how it changes these sentences.

I can't do it.

I am no good at this.

This isn't working.

I don't understand.

I don't know the answer.


See what happens with the power of yet



The word yet provides you with possibilities and opportunities.


Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet

Do you want to grow up to be an author, an astronaut, a scientist, or a doctor? That's great! But maybe you don't know how many bones are in an arm or even h...

Books linked to Growth Mindset

Follow this link to lots of good books on growth mindset for children.