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Pinfold Primary School Curriculum

Curriculum Rationale


Our curriculum is R.E.A.L.L - 


R  - At Pinfold Primary School we believe in order for the children to succeed they need to practise and perfect the 5R’s which are key learning skills; we want our children to be Resilient, Respectful, Resourceful, Responsible and Reflective.


E - Equality and Diversity - We develop a culture of inclusion for all, where everyone feels proud of their identity and is able to participate fully in school life. Our expectations are high for each and every child. Children address prejudice and bullying and support others to reach their potential. Children learn about democracy and power. They develop an understanding of authority and justice. We provide appropriate challenge for every child which is achievable and differentiated to match need. We work closely with parents and carers to model our expectations and to ensure that these are echoed at home; parental engagement is vital in order for this to be effective.


A - Aspiration and Ambition - We promote and encourage high aspirations for all. Encouraging the children to learn about a wide range of influential people develops their ambition and aids their own personal aspirations. This is enriched with our work alongside experts, for example, NCTEM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics), SEERIH (Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub) and STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Our staff are role models for the children promoting the 'can do' attitude. We celebrate and share the children's successes. Our children and staff support one another, they demonstrate respect towards each other and relationships are strong. 


L - Language – Our curriculum is language rich. Our children are immersed in language and are introduced to new, exciting and purposeful vocabulary throughout every area of the curriculum. We encourage a print rich environment and our children take part in lessons that involve the explicit teaching of vocabulary.


L - Life Experiences – Our children are introduced to a wide range of life experiences through our exciting and meaningful lessons supplemented with many high quality trips and visitors. We encourage the children to make links in their understanding looking for similarities and differences. Through their life experiences at school we help children to learn about themselves and how they relate to others.


This is summarised in this diagram here:

Our Golden threads


At Pinfold, we plan a cohesive curriculum that supports children in their understanding of the wide-ranging subjects taught in school.

As well as understanding how the 'Five R’s' of learning (Responsible, Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient and Reflective) support our learning, children are taught our golden threads which enable them to make connections across all subjects.


We use the image of a bee to model these 'Five R’s'. The bee is a symbol of Manchester and as a proud Manchester school with an interesting history we feel this is fitting for our school too.  The bee is also a community insect and is characterised as being very busy – just like our school community.  


Our Golden Threads are:


Be Connected

We recognise the importance of children understanding their role in our society, community and the world around them.   Connections to others also benefits mental health and wellbeing. This theme incorporates aspects of travel, religion, citizenship, culture, law, democracy and technology.


Be an Explorer

We encourage curiosity in our children and see this as a key part of learning. We want children to have the opportunity to explore the world around them, make discoveries and learn new things. This theme incorporates aspects of culture, travel, Earth and living things.


Be Inspirational and be inspired

Through the study of influential men and women throughout history and across the world we feel that children can be inspired to achieve and overcome adversity. We encourage the children to be inspired by others and be inspirational to others in their learning and celebrate every success. 


Be Healthy

Through healthy and active lives we know that children can become successful in all their endeavours as well as promoting positive wellbeing.


Be Safe

In our lessons, we encourage children to think about how they can keep themselves and others safe in the world around them.


The Pinfold Bee:

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach at Pinfold Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.