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When doing our writing we know that we  start sentences with Capital Letters (CL) and use a full stop at the end of each sentence. 

Here are some fun activities and songs to help you become perfect at this.  

The Capital Letters and Full Stops Song (A MUST for any KS1 class!)

Anchor Creative Education lead SPaG drama and music workshops in primary schools across the entire UK. For more information about Anchor Creative Education v...

The Sentence Song - 'Capital Letter' + 'Full Stop' Version | Scratch Garden

An alternate version to our popular Sentence Song video ( ) that uses the British English lyrics 'capital letter', 'small letter...




In our Literacy lessons we begun learning more about adjectives and nouns

Here are some fun activities and songs to help you get better at using nouns and adjectives in your writing.


Best Noun Song Ever!!

From the School Rocks! album available on iTunes:!-vol.-1-ep/id427376027

Do You Wanna Learn About Adjectives? (Educational Song For Kids)

Learn about adjectives with this song set to music from Frozen. All rights belong to Walt Disney Company

Nessy Reading Strategy | Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs (Amazing Newts Vibrate) |

This Nessy reading strategy will help you understand a noun, adjective and verb. ► Subscribe: ► Visit our website: ► 'Lik...