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Work Samples - Information Technology

Year 1 - We are TV Chefs


We are Painters

Year 1 - We are story tellers

Year 1 rewrote the story of the 3 little pigs in the form of an eBook.

Year 2 - We are Researchers

Today we have been researchers, we have imported  photos, we have written text in boxes, and downloaded to a pdf and printed out and watched a video.

Year 3 - We are Presenters

We are Presenters

Video 11

Year 4 have been learning about pitch and melody, preparing to create their own compositions in the ICT suite.  They used Isle of Tune to create a pattern of sounds of different pitches and a sequence of beats on a repeating loop. The children reflected on their creations, editing and improving where necessary. Then they let their friends listen and give constructive feedback.