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What does a good student of RE look like?

What does a good student of RE look like at Pinfold?

One cannot understand the historical and contemporary trends and issues without an understanding of the worldviews that underpin them.  RE is therefore essential to informed local, national and global citizenship.  

(RE Commission 2017).


RE at Pinfold primary school underpins our citizenship as part of our school, local and global community.  A good student of RE shows an interest in the beliefs of others and asks questions in a thoughtful and respectful way to deepen understanding.  They show an awareness that people may believe differently to themselves and have an ability to share their own views in a thoughtful and respectful way.  A good student is aware that we live in a multicultural and multi-faith society and has an understanding of beliefs held by the variety of religions in this community (including: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hindu as well as non-religious viewpoints including Humanism).


A good student will explore religions creatively and have an understanding that they can learn from the beliefs and teachings of different religions and worldviews.  They are beginning to respond to different religious beliefs and are beginning to formulate their own beliefs and attitudes.  Finally, they will have a tolerance of others that shows a respect and understand their role as a good citizen and the links between this and British Values.