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Welcome to the Year 4 class page. During these uncertain times where the children will be learning from home, we hope that you will find the information on this page useful to support home learning. As you scroll down the page there will be updated challenges and information about topic work that we would have been learning about in school. 


This page will also be updated with useful links (such as Education City) where other work based on what we have already learned in school will be accessible. This is to aid the children to remind themselves of what they should already know - almost like revision guides. 


Thank you to all parents, carers and guardians for your support during these difficult times. 


We will try to update these pages as much as we possibly can. In the meantime, any activities that are done at home we would love to see and hear about. Please send any work to our Facebook and Twitter pages as we would love to see  what everyone has been up to. Miss Lindop is also going to do her best to do a diary - like other teachers - as it will be a good way to allow the children to see and hear what we have been up to.




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