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How it works


  1. Children are invited into the hall and sit with their class groups instead of the traditional rows.
  2. The children are introduced to a big question for discussion. Further introduction is given as needed.
  3. Children discuss with the class teacher their class and class teacher what they think the answer to the big question is.
  4. Each class chooses the most important point to feedback to the school.
  5. At lunchtime, a graffiti wall session is held in a classroom so children have a further opportunity to contribute to the discussion. This is done using the school’s ipads.
  6. The headboy and head girl meet to collate the key messages from assembly then meet with Mrs Hughes to feedback the pupils views and actions are then agreed.


The structure is the same for KS1 and KS2, however, changes in presentation and feedback methods are different to suit the needs of our younger children.


Pictures of our first Pupil Forum in KS2