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Year 5

Earth Earth and Space

  • Make your own space top trump cards with facts about the different planets.
  • Why does the moon have craters? Model the meteorite strikes that happen on the moon at home. Instructions:
    What do you notice about the height you drop the rock and the size of the crater you create?
  • You are going on a space ship to another planet and can only take 10 things with you, what do you take? What 10 things would you take as gifts if you were going to meet an alien?
  • Make a 3D rocket with its own parachute – you could use a kitchen roll and some silver foil to start off!



      Video demonstration:

  • Friction is a force that happens when one surface/object meets another while moving. It opposes this and can slow objects down or stop them moving – this can be useful when designing tyres on bikes and cars. Either: Test which shoes in your house create the most friction (are hardest to move) over carpet OR which surface in your house creates the most friction with a trainer. Enquiry page:
  • Air resistance (drag) is a force that acts against gravity – as an object is pulled downwards, the air resistance pushes it upwards. Air resistance is how parachutes work. Test falling paper with a small surface area (scrunched up into a ball) and a large surface area (left as a flat sheet) when dropped from the same height – what do you notice about how quickly they fall? Use what you learn to design a parachute with good air resistance. You could make your design out of anything and test it with adult supervision.  


Materials and their properties

Animals including humans

  • Learn about the human body using this interactive site