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Year 4

States of matter

Make it -

  • Melt chocolate and butter to make chocolate crispy cakes
  • Make ice-cubes, ice-lollies or home-made ice-cream  

  • Make a cake or bake bread to observe the irreversible change


For more ideas on fascinating investigations that you can carry out at home to observe states of matter, take a look at;




Living things and their habitats

  • An underwater habitat is very important for underwater creatures – but what happens when we pollute our waters? Simulate water pollution by filling a bowl with water and then adding different polluting materials to it (string/thread, cling film, oil, cotton wool). Now run your hand through the water. What happens to your hand? Why might this be dangerous for creatures that live in underwater habitats like the ocean?
  • Filtration is one way that we can clear our oceans. It can also be very handy for making water drinkable for land animals! Create your own water filter at home to see how we can remove waste from our natural water.
  • If you are able to, as part of your daily exercise, go on a walk around your local area and see if you can spot the different types of animal habitats.

      Animal Home Spotter Sheet:

  • Can you spot any potential risks to that animal, eg. urbanisation and pollution? Draw a plan of how you could make your local environment better for the wildlife that lives there.
  • Create a classification key for the wildlife in your local area. Can your family use it to successfully identify different plants and animals?