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Healthy Me

What's Healthy?

Think about a car.  What does a car need to make it run?

It needs the right fuel, it needs to be used (not stuck in a garage or on a drive) and it needs looking after (Tyres checked, water and oil checks etc.).  


What would happen if, instead of petrol, we filled the car up with Cola?  Sand? Alcohol? 

It simply would not work.


Our body is like a car.  To stay healthy we need the right combination of food and exercise to keep us healthy.


  • Draw around someone in your house or around your hands.  Inside come up with a list of all the things that you can do to stay healthy.
  • Create your own song about keeping healthy.  A couple of examples might be:  "If your healthy and you know it...." and add in an action that keeps you healthy,  or "This is the way we ....on a cold and frosty morning".  Or you could create your own rap or change words to your favourite pop song.

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