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Year 2


  • Make a sea creature using recycled items from your home.
  • Do your own science experiment at home. Which is the most absorbent material that you can find?
  • Write a riddle about a material. Give us clues to guess your choice. E.g. I am soft and warm. I can be used to make jumpers. I am from a sheep. What am I? Try to put the easy ‘give away’ clues last.
  • Go on a material hunt around your home. Make a list of all the different materials you can find.
  • Conduct an experiment to see which material is the strongest in your room – be careful not to break anything!


Plants and Habitats.

  • Go on a walk around your local area or a local wood and see if you can spot the different types of plants that we can see growing in Spring and Summer.

Leaf Spotter Sheet- 

Spring Flower Spotter Sheet-

Animal Home Spotter Sheet  pdf

  • Plant a seed or a bulb and watch it grow into a mature plant. Once it has grown, do different tests to see how it is affected. Eg. Put your plant by a window – which direction does it grow and why? Put your plant in a dark place – what begins to happen to it and why?
  • Create a microhabitat for Minibeasts by making a Minibeast  palace. Check on your palace after a week – has anyone moved in? You could also try attracting some butterflies to your garden by making a butterfly feeder.


Animals Including Humans

  • Exercise is really important to keep our bodies healthy. In particular, exercise helps our heart to pump our blood. Feel the effects of exercise by measuring your own or an adults pulse for one minute then do some exercise and measure the pulse again. What happens?
  • Why do we need to wash our hands? See for yourself why washing our hands is important for our hygiene by modelling what germs do when we wash our hands with soap.

Video Demonstration: