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What a good student of Computing Looks like

A good student of ICT at Pinfold

At Pinfold we recognise the importance that ICT upon children in an increasingly digital age.  A good student of ICT recognises the powerful and important role technology plays in society and understands that there is a great deal of responsibility that they need to take in order to use it safely and effectively.   A good student recognises the wide range of choices they have available when choosing technology and also choosing on how to use and respond to it.   The children who are good at ICT understand that they have the power over technology and they know when it is positively or negatively affecting their or others’ mental health.  We want to model and educate our children on how to use the wide range of technology available in a safe, responsible and positive way. 

A good student of ICT is confident to use ICT and uses the 5rs of learning when doing so.  Examples of this would be:

  • They are resilient when their code doesn’t work the first, second, third or beyond time. 
  • They reason on how to debug the program – independently or alongside others.
  • They act responsibly when they use ICT and know what this entails in terms of social media that they will have increasing access to as they move through education. 
  • They reflect on their choices and evaluate what they have done suggesting improvements.   
  • By Year 6, children who are good at ICT will have a wide range of skills linked to enable them to be resourceful when completing tasks as they choose which program they will be using to complete tasks and give reasons.


A good student of ICT will understand that Esafety is paramount to everything they do and will know how to keep themselves and others safe when using ICT.  They will understand ways in which to seek help when they are unsure or are feeling concerned about something they have seen online. 

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