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From Headteacher, Mrs J. Hughes

Welcome to Pinfold Primary School!

At Pinfold Primary School we pride ourselves in providing opportunities for all our pupils to achieve their full potential educationally, emotionally and socially. All of our staff will work hard to promote talent and engage pupils in activities that develop self-esteem, confidence and a positive outlook.

At Pinfold, if children are safe, secure, happy and not afraid to make mistakes they will learn well. If children learn to treat others with respect, consideration and kindness we shall have succeeded in preparing them to become responsible citizens of the future.

We are open and approachable as a school. We will always strive to do our best for all children. We will try to make each child’s primary school experience a time they will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives. Because we are human this will not always be easy or perfect – our duty is to serve children and parents. If you would like to see us in action, call in anytime.


The Aims and Objectives of Pinfold Primary School

Working Together, Sharing Success

Everyone at Pinfold Primary School will work to provide a first class learning experience through the following principles, aims and objectives.
Our aims stand upon three fundamental principles:

  • to provide every child with the life skills to become successful learners who reach their full potential.
  • to provide a safe, supportive, stimulating and inclusive environment where every child is recognised, cared for, encouraged and valued.
  • Pinfold will actively ensure the involvement of the whole community, particularly families, who have a vital role to play in supporting their children’s education.  This partnership will encourage healthy and positive attitudes motivating children to become life long learners.

We offer a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum through which we aim to raise and maintain high standards by enabling all children to:

  • acquire and apply concepts, knowledge and skills through a variety of learning situations appropriate to their individual development and ability.
  • achieve excellent progress through enjoyable, successful and challenging learning experiences.
  • engage actively in learning in order to develop lively enquiring minds and to become determined, independent learners.
  • develop positive self esteem and empathy.
  • acquire a set of moral values which enable them to make appropriate choices and decisions guiding them towards becoming responsible citizens.
  • develop confidence and independence to become increasingly responsible for their own learning and actions.
  •  to understand the world in which they live, to respect and value the differences between people, cultures and faiths and their contribution to society today.
  •  to enable children to prepare for  their future in an ever changing world.

In order to achieve these aims, our children will acquire many skills enabling them to access our curriculum.
The fundamental skills of literacy, numeracy, Information Communication Technology, personal, social and emotional development, learning and thinking skills will be delivered through the key areas of:

  • understanding English, communication and languages
  • mathematical understanding
  • scientific and technological understanding
  • human, social and environmental understanding
  • understanding physical health and well being
  • understanding the arts and design

We will know we have been successful when our children:

  • attend regularly
  • are happily engaged, enjoy learning and achieve success
  • are actively involved in the wider life of school
  • are proud of being part of Pinfold School